When do I pedal?

The sustain pedal is an oft overlooked aspect of piano playing. When it's essential to the performance of a song we do our best to discuss specific pedaling tips in our lessons, but luckily, all instructor pedaling is preserved in the background* of our videos. Keep an eye out for the slight changes in opacity in the video background – this corresponds to the activity of the instructor's pedaling.

For more information on pedaling, check out this video. Here are a few additional tips:

Use Your Instincts – Much of pedaling depends on doing what sounds best. If you find that the pedal makes the music at hand muddier or 'uglier' then you are likely using it too much. If you feel like the song sounds too 'dry' and/or abrasive, then it might need some pedal to smooth things over.

Pedal The Chords – The central tenet of pedaling is to hold the pedal for like chords and re-pedal when those chords change. So whenever there is a new chord, quickly release and depress the pedal to clear out the previous chord and make way for the new chord.

*please note that some of our older lessons might not have pedaling in the video background of the individual lesson parts, but every whole song performance will.