Video Playback Resources

Are you curious about the functionality of our video player? We have a lot of cool features, so head on over to to learn more about closed caption chords, looping, speed controls, sustain, and more.

If you're experiencing an issue with the video player, try the following:

The best way to ensure you’re able to access all of our videos is to first login at

Once you click on a song, the free 'Part 1,' video will load first. To watch the members-only videos for the remaining parts, choose one of the 'Part 2, 3, etc.' sections. If that’s not working for you now, try the following to verify your access:

  • Clear your cookies/cache or log in via a private browsing window
  • Go to to confirm that your payment went through and that there aren't any "red" messages
  • Try accessing on a different browser
  • Try accessing on a different device (phone, tablet, computer)

If none of this helps, please follow up with us to provide details. We'll figure this out!