What's accompaniment? Melody? Hybrid?

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback over the years regarding the content and accuracy of our lessons – historically it has been our mission to honor EXACT piano or keyboard parts as they occur in peoples’ favorite recordings. These are what we call Accompaniment Versions the part that was played to accompany the singer, soloist or ensemble. However, we also see a growing demand for content that can stand alone with the melody (vocal line) embedded in the piano part. These are called Melody Versions. Using the Melody filter on our search page, you can now find lessons that teach the melody in the right hand as opposed to just the piano accompaniment. While we're still committed to teaching accompaniment parts when it's relevant, we're happy to announce that more and more lessons feature both a melody and an accompaniment version.

You may have also noticed that some of our older videos refer to our lessons as hybrid piano lessons – this was our way of describing the combination of human hands and voiceover with digitally rendered, colorful falling blocks. While this method is incredibly common these days, we were one of the first to embrace and refine it, hence our desire to find our own terminology to describe it. These days we rely less on the word hybrid and just consider our videos to be solid, reliable and most importantly human piano tutorials. But that's a bit of history for ya :)

You can always visit our glossary for additional clarification on some common words and concepts that you might come across in our lessons.