Can I request a song for a lesson?

Yes, but please don't do it here – we've got a handy dandy request database just for organizing your requests. Check it out at and go crazy! Please note that songs with prominent piano parts will oftentimes be our first priority. We realize there are a lot of songs in our requests database, but we're releasing a new lesson every day! We encourage you to get your friends that are also pianists involved by casting their vote as well.

Sometimes people ask us if they can pay for a specific, custom request. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any custom requests on an individual basis. Please do not reach out requesting a custom tutorial.

Also, you may have noticed that we don't have lessons by certain major artists like Elton John or Billy Joel. Read more about why here. You can find out if an artist is restricted by typing their name into the Requests page search box. If restricted, a message will appear.